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Lisbeth Bravo Emelec emeleXistaOlder women are of course more experienced and know exactly what works. Men can learn a lot about sex and intimacy that will stick with them for years.

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2012 may be Singapore’s most scandal-ridden year yet, barely halfway through it and already five high profile scandals have pulled at the moral fabric of our once squeaky-clean nation.
Acts, we can only assume (and allegedly) committed in the name of achieving happiness, prosperity and progress, here’s a look at the first – and hopefully, only – five scandals of 2012.
1. Online Vice Ring
Men will be men, and sex with a beautiful young woman is arguably hard to pass up.
Aptly named as the biggest sex scandal to ever run wild in Singapore, the online vice ring involved 48 men who allegedly had paid sex with an underage prostitute after engaging her services online.




Not knowing what to say because really she is just a client as well, I just kissed her on those 59 year old lips as I pull her on top of me on the bed. For the sake of time line of the story, I am not going to go into all the details but let’s just say this women could move her body like none of the previous ladies. We finished that evening with dinner in the bathtub. June was a strong successful lady that knew what she wanted. Which was sometimes intimidating and other times sexy.  But all I could think about it Allison….




Image by kedai-lelaki via Flickr


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